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LDF Core Strategy


Lewes District Council’s Core Strategy

The Core Strategy will be the pivotal document in Lewes District Council’s Local Development Framework (LDF) and will set out the over-arching strategies that all other documents in the LDF will need to be in conformity with.  A key purpose of the Core Strategy will be to set out a vision for Lewes District and identify the areas in the District where new development or change is to take place up to 2030.

The District Council is working in partnership with the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) to prepare the Core Strategy, which will ultimately be a jointly adopted strategy covering the whole of Lewes District, including the area within the National Park boundary.  The SDNPA has already approved the document for consultation; the District Council is considering it on 5th December 2012. Subject to approval by the District Council members, it is hoped that the finalised version of the Proposed Submission Core Strategy will be made available for a period of representation in the coming months.

More information, including the draft document can be found on the Lewes District Council website.



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