Young Mayor of Newhaven


Sophie was 15 and was studying for her GCSE’s at UTC@Harbourside when she was elected as Newhaven’s sixth Young Mayor. She has been chosen to show dignitaries around the college, where she takes her role as a prefect seriously. She said she enjoys meeting people of all ages and from all sorts of places, and is outgoing, organised, committed and creative. When the occasion calls for it though, she can be serious, considerate and diplomatic.

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Role of the Young Mayor

The job of the Young Mayor of Newhaven is to represent all young people aged 11-17 years in Newhaven. Like the adult Mayor, he/she represents them ceremonially and symbolically at special events; but more importantly they will be asked to make sure that their views are heard by the Town Council on local issues.  They also have a budget of £500 to spend on something to benefit local young people, with the approval of the Council.

What Do I Plan To Do In Office

  1. Improve Newhaven’s reputation and raise the positive profile of young adults in the area
  2. Campaign for better transport links
  3. Increase economic activity, particularly small shops and involving young people
  4. Use social media better, sharing information between youth, creating an app to get people involved in local activities around Newhaven

Previous Young Mayors