Young Mayor of Newhaven


Huey was elected to become the seventh Young Mayor of Newhaven when he was fifteen. He is a Year 10 student at Seahaven Academy and beat eight other candidates to become Young Mayor. Huey has clear ideas of what he wants to do although stating that “it’s not just about me, but what we can all do together”. Huey wants to see the young people of Newhaven to become a more integrated part of the community and hopes to do this by holding intergenerational events and activities over his term in office. Huey is outgoing, creative, and believes that you learn better while having fun and competing. Huey is also a Sea Cadet and is fundraising for the Sea Cadet Corps as well as the Bhopal Medical Appeal.

Role of the Young Mayor

The job of the Young Mayor of Newhaven is to represent all young people aged 11-17 years in Newhaven.  Like the adult Mayor, Huey will represent them ceremonially and symbolically at special events – but more importantly he will make sure that their views are heard by the town council on local issues.

What Do I Plan To Do In Office

Huey wants to see young people in Newhaven become a more integrated part of the community and hopes to do this by creating events and activities that bring all sections of the community together.  He is looking forward to the opportunities being Young Mayor will give him to do this. He has chosen two charities to start fundraising for. One is the Newhaven and Seaford Sea Cadets who are looking to refurbish the building they are currently in. The other is the Bhopal Medical Appeal, which helps the city of Bhopal after a catastrophic event several years ago. After a recent visit to school by a representative for the appeal, both Huey as the Young Mayor and the Global Social Leaders group at Seahaven Academy have decided to fundraise for the charity. Huey is planning events such as a formal evening dinner and a fashion show to raise money.


Previous Young Mayors