Newhaven’s Red Cross Nurses

This picture is of the Red-Cross nurses based at the military hospital in Newhaven.

When war broke out in August 1914, the Boys’ School (Hillcrest Centre) was taken over by the Royal Army Medical Corps and converted into a 50-bed Military hospital, ready to take the wounded from the Front, or patients from the army camps in the town.

The quartermaster was Miss Scanes, the headmistress of the Girls’ School, the lady superintendent was Mrs McGlashan and the commandant Mrs W J Mills. Four teachers from the Girls’ School and two from the Infants’ School were Red Cross nurses and permission was given for them to work at the hospital one afternoon a week.  This situation only lasted until the beginning of 1915, when the teachers decided to undertake their nursing duties in their own time.

In August 1918, Mrs McGlashan attended an investiture at Buckingham Palace and received, from the King, the Royal Red Cross medal  (second Class), awarded for her work as Sister-in-charge of the Newhaven Military Hospital.

By Jenny Flood. Photograph by kind permission of Newhaven Museum