Wildflowers bloom in verges in The Drove

Have you noticed how colourful the verges in The Drove/Drove Road are looking? There is a riot of wildflowers coming through, providing a cheerful splash of colour for passersby and a haven for bees and other insects.

Newhaven Town Council has agreed with East Sussex County Council Highways Department to classify these verges as meadow verges. This means that the grass is deliberately being allowed to grow long to encourage wildflowers to grow; only the edges will be kept short.

The meadow verges will be cut at the end of July, which may encourage a further flush of flowers. They will be cut again in October/November so that the grass is short for the winter period and to ensure that our spring flowering bulbs can be seen when they come through.

In the meantime, following the decision by the County Council to reduce the number of cuts to all grass verges across the county from six per year to two, the town council has stepped in to provide grass verge cuts within the town, using local contractor Tim Jordan. The second cut of the season is scheduled to take place next week.  This is the schedule for the remaining cuts:

Weeks commencing:  21st May; 18th June; 16th July; 20th August; 24th September