Women’s Soft Ball Cricket Festival

Soft Ball Cricket is about getting out and playing with maximum fun and minimum fuss. No pads, no hard ball, no heavy bat, no head-scratching rules and definitely no judgment. It’s a game for absolutely everybody, no matter your skill level, fitness, or age.

Turn up for free and you are promised a warm welcomea free T-shirt, music, drinks and food, all the best things about a festival. There will be small teams of 6-8 players, with lots of quick games where everyone is involved. So why not bring friends, family or a sports or work team down to one of the many festivals running in Sussex this summer? No problem if you want to sign up on your own, you’ll be found a team and introduced to new friends.

All you have to do is click on this link for Sussex festivals


It only takes a minute, and someone will get right back to you to confirm your place. So save the date for your local festival – Sunday 15th July at Fort Road Recreation Ground, 12 – 4pm.