Do you have concerns about returning to work?

Lewes District Citizens Advice has issued some useful guidance on ‘going back to work concerns’:
“The company I work for is starting to look at reopening later in the summer. I am anxious, despite not having any health issues. I’m going to wear a mask, but not all the customers may do so. I used to take the bus to work, I don’t have a car and it’s too far to cycle. I’m not even sure if my kids will be back at school by then! The thought of returning to work is keeping me awake at night. Do I have to go back to work?”
The short answer to your question is yes, you do need to comply with any reasonable management request to return to work.
The key here is “reasonable.” The government has published specific guidance for different businesses on the steps they can take to minimise coronavirus transmission. If you don’t think they’re complying, or are putting your health at risk, you should talk to them about this.
They should listen to your concerns about using public transport. You could, for instance, ask to travel at a quieter time of day.
The government has said that if you’re unable to work because of childcare issues your employer can continue to furlough you.
We suggest approaching this as a problem that you and your boss can solve together. If you are still concerned, you could report your employer to the Health and Safety Executive. You should also get advice about your legal rights in this situation.
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