Design a Flag for Newhaven!

A Flag for Newhaven – competition guidelines.


Thank you for your interest in entering in the competition launched by the town’s Mayor, to design a flag for Newhaven. We believe that Newhaven is a special place and deserves its own Town Flag that residents can associate with and that can be flown by individuals and organisations with passion and pride.  Here are some details to help get you on the right track for your entry.


Who can take part in the competition?

Everyone!  There are three categories to the competition:

  1. Children at Primary School
  2. Young people up to 18 years
  3. Adults 18 – 100!


Developing your flag design – what does Newhaven mean to you?

Local flags help to foster a sense of identity and create a symbol which members of the community can relate to. Newhaven has many symbols and some are more cherished than others.  The river, sea, hills, fishing, boats and industry are things that many people might think of, but there are sure to be many more. Using well known images will help the community identify with their flag.


How to design a great flag

Use these basic principles to create an original and fantastic flag for Newhaven.

1.      Keep it simple: A flag should be so simple that it can be drawn from memory.

2.      Use meaningful symbolism: A flag’s images, colours or patterns should relate to  what it symbolises.

3.      Use two to three basic colours: Limit the number of colours on the flag to three, which contrast well and come from the standard colour set.

4.     No lettering or seals: Avoid the use of writing of any kind, or an organisation’s seal. These get small, blurry and can be misunderstood at a distance.

5.      What will it look like in the wind? The design must be distinctive when flying on a pole in wind, and when hanging in windless conditions too!


How to show us your flag idea

Sketch your idea on an A4 blank sheet of paper and keep your design in ‘landscape’ orientation.

Complete a competition entry form to send with your design. Click here to download the form.


Submitting your design

The deadline for submissions is Friday 16th February.

They can be submitted in person to the Town Council Offices at:

18 Fort Road, Newhaven BN9 9QE

Or scanned and sent by email to:



Something to think about……….Flagging it up elsewhere

A Newhaven Flag could be used by all sorts of organisations in the town.  A flag can be thought of as really successful when people want to show it not only on flagpoles but also on vehicles, clothing or even themselves such as a tattoo!

Flag facts! 

Did you know that the scientific study of flags and emblems is called Vexillology?


If you have any queries about the competition and would like to speak to an officer of the Town Council, do not hesitate to call.  Telephone 01273 516100 and ask for Susie or Nicky.