Let’s Clean Up Newhaven!

Newhaven’s Mayor, Councillor Paul Boswell, would like to ask everyone to participate in this call to arms – a day of action on Sunday 7th October. The rendezvous point is your street, starting at 10.30am!

Please arm yourself with a hoe, spade, pair of stout gloves, or whatever gardening implement you have available that would be effective at clearing the weeds from your own patch outside the front of your house.

If you’re not physically able to do this, why not ask your neighbour? In return, perhaps you could make them a cuppa for their efforts!

If we all pull together on this special day, just think how clean and tidy we could get Newhaven looking. It might be that the district and county councils can then more easily keep on top of it for us.

Burley’s (our grounds maintenance contractors) will collect the sacks of green waste over the following couple of days.