Lewes District in Bloom

It’s going to be busy in the next few weeks, Burleys have 47,500 plants that will be delivered over the next two weeks and then it’s all hands on deck to get the gardens looking beautiful for Lewes District Council and all the residents.

Burleys have been down to visit their long standing partners, Fresh Acres Nurseries who supply fantastic plants as well as doing amazing things for the environment.  Fresh Acres nurture the plants throughout the spring by keeping them warm by using two biomass boilers – their wood chip is supplied to them from local woodlands which improves the biodiversity of the woodlands, creating rich areas for butterflies, bees and flora.  Not content with renewable energy for their heating they also use booms for watering, which ensures not a drop is wasted and only goes where and when it is needed and of course it goes without saying that all their plastic is recycled.

The order includes  25,500 geraniums, 3,365 Marigolds and, 2,680 Salvias and  2,787 Helichrysums.