Lewes District Citizens Advice 12 tips for Christmas

1) Plan early: Plan how much you are going to spend on each person and stick to it.

2) Don’t forget everyday bills: It may be Christmas, but keep on top of priority bills, such as rent and council tax.

3) Think twice about overdrafts: Don’t run up an overdraft without first chatting to your bank

4) Keep it simple: Pay for your goods with cash or a debit card if you can.

5) Shop around: Look for the best price and buy only what you want, not what others say you need.

6) Avoid unauthorised lenders: Borrowing from loan sharks is never a good idea

7) … and unauthorised traders: Whatever the deal, don’t buy from unauthorised traders

8) Read the small print: Check credit agreements for hidden extras and work out the total amount to repay.

9) Do your own credit checks: If you plan to use a credit card, shop around

10) Be organised: If you’ve borrowed, repayment will be due before you know it. Make sure you make at least the minimum repayment or you’ll be hit with charges.

11) Start planning for next Christmas: It may sound crackers, but just after Christmas is the best time to start saving.

12) Get help if you’re worried: We can give you solid, free and impartial debt advice online, over the phone and face-to-face.

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