Newhaven Community Awards for Young People

The 2019 Newhaven Community Awards for children and young people were presented at the annual Town Meeting held at the Hillcrest Community Centre on Tuesday evening, 12th March.  There was a good turnout for the meeting and the audience heard some very interesting presentations from a number of community groups interspersed amongst the awards presentations.

The Young Carer Award was won by 10 year old Piper Davies, who has helped to care for her brother for as long as she can remember.  Her brother suffers from a complex mix of medical and learning disabilities and as well as caring for him, Piper has raised money for the hospital that cares for him.  The award was sponsored by Fludes Carpets.

The winner of the Young Sportsperson Award was Liam Poulton.  Liam is 15 years old and has been a star player at Denton Cricket Club for the past three years.  In the last year Liam scored his first 100 runs in a single innings playing in the Sussex Men’s League and he also took 42 wickets bowling.  Liam also plays in the Sussex Under 15 cricket team and gives back to his community by helping to coach children at local schools.  The Young Sportsperson award was sponsored by the James Daniels Memorial Fund.

Hannah Bishop was the winner of the Young Person of Courage Award.  She received her award for her courage and determination in meeting the challenge of being diagnosed with a serious life long medical condition which required a two week stay in hospital.  The Young Person of Courage Award was sponsored by Newhaven Chamber of Commerce.

The overall winner of the Newhaven Community Award for Young People, chosen from the nominees from all three categories, was 6 year old Jack Brown.  Jack has cerebral palsy which makes it hard for him to walk or stand.  He tires extremely easily and regularly loses balance.  He remains mobile using a kay walker outside for longer distances.  Despite these difficulties in August 2018 Jack completed a triathlon called “The Super Hero Tri-Series” where he swam 150 metres, rode a bike for 3000 metres and ran for 1000 metres.  He managed to raise £1,330 for the charity “Cerebral Palsy Sport”.  The event was broadcast on Channel 4 in September 2018 and Jack appeared on the show.  The Newhaven Community Award was sponsored by Londis Newhaven Stores.