Newhaven’s Community Cinema Membership Appeal

Please, please, please we need your help. We want to make Cinema nights at the Hillcrest, more frequent, more interesting and better value. To do that – and to increase the amount of money that we can give back to the Hillcrest we need you to become a Member.

Membership will cost £40 for the 2018/2019 Season. For that you can watch 11 exciting, interesting and memorable films from all over the world.  And when you commit to giving financial security to Newhaven’s only community cinema you can have Pop-Up Guerilla Film Festivals, Family Friendly Films and Oldies but Goldies.
In other words, you could watch great films, at a great venue for only a couple of quid.  However,  all these plans and ideas need financial stability and we can only do this if we have a paid up membership of at least 50 people.

And we want to give you more of a say.  Let us know what you want to see. So please help us to give you more of what you want.
Email us with suggestions and let us know what you think at: