Revolutionary machine used on cricket grounds and bowling greens

Burleys is using a revolutionary sports turf aerification machine to bring bowling greens and cricket grounds up to championship standards across the South East.

The Air2G2 Soil CPR machine, which won the 2015 Innovation Award from the Sports Turf Managers Association, is the only machine of its kind to use air injection technology to help oxygen circulate in compacted soil. Indeed, the CPR element of the machine’s name stands for compaction relief, increased porosity, and enhanced respiration.

The end result is turf which can breathe, better root growth, and rapid drainage to prevent flooding – with the added benefit that as the surface of the turf isn’t disrupted the green can be used immediately after treatment.

Burleys fine turf expert Hadrian Lear explained: “Our fine turf team is doing an amazing job, rarely seen in the south east. We are so committed to first class professional standards that we hire the machine to ensure that the greens are in perfect condition ready for championships this season. The trick is getting oxygen to the cells down in the roots, where there is no photosynthesis occurring – and that’s exactly what we’re achieving thanks to this incredible piece of kit!”

Grounds to have benefitted from the AirG2G treatment thus far include The Salts cricket ground and The Crouch bowling club in Seaford, Fort Road cricket ground and bowls club in Newhaven and Convent cricket and bowls clubs in Lewes.