Neighbourhood Plan Supporting Documents

A number of documents have been produced so far in connection with the production of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan, including consultation material and feedback and these can be viewed by clicking the relevant links.

The area subject to the Draft Neighbourhood plan was formally designated on 8th July 2013 and includes the whole parish area for Newhaven, but excludes the land owned by Newhaven Port and Properties. The designation notice and map can be viewed through the link click here

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group started work in earnest on the Neighbourhood Plan in spring 2014. The group membership has changed slightly over the period of production.  Initially only Councillors were on the steering group, but soon after commencement of the plan the membership widened to include residents too. Members can be viewed through the following link click here

Agendas and Meeting Notes of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group can be found by clicking here  To aid the early consultation process and provide a focus for discussion Newhaven Town Council produced a number of Topic Papers in 2014 that covered a range of themes as follows:

A Profile of Newhaven – June 2014 Part1 Part2  Part3 2018 version here. This provides social, environmental and economic statistics for Newhaven. Consultation Strategy – June 2014  This sets out he broad strategy the Town Council and its consultants will follow when consulting with the community in preparing the Neighbourhood Plan. Feedback from Consultation July – October 2014 – Newhaven NP Survey Feedback from Consultation December 2014 – click here Feedback from Town Centre Survey May 2015click here Feedback from Town Centre Businesses Survey Summer 2015click here  Call for Sites submissions here Site Assessments here Environmental Assessment Scoping Report September 2015 – click here Feedback from Sites Consultation January – March 2016 – click here Neighbourhood Plan Timetable – click here Local Green Spaces Report here Development Sites for Appraisal – click here

Maps of Sites assessed for the Neighbourhood Plan process