Latest News on Newhaven Neighbourhood Plan – September 2018

Following public consultation on the emerging Draft Neighbourhood Plan last year, we will shortly be submitting the amended Draft Newhaven Neighbourhood Plan to Lewes District Council for consultation in accordance with Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended).

What happens after Regulation 16 consultation?

Following this public consultation process, the Plan will be examined by an independent examiner who has been jointly chosen by the Town Council and Lewes District Council.

Once any further amendments have been made as a result of the examination, the plan will be subject to a local Referendum where the local community will be asked if they support the Plan. If the majority of people voting say they support the Plan, it can be “made” by Lewes District Council and will be used in the determining of planning applications and it will identify what projects the Town Council propose to carry out and where necessary, seek funding for.

We formally consulted on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan from 3rd May 2017 until 21st July 2017.

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan can be found here

A focus leaflet which gives brief details on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan can be found here

The Regulation 14 Sustainability Appraisal can be found here