Newhaven Neighbourhood Plan Regulations 14, 15 and 16 Consultation

Public Notice
Newhaven Neighbourhood Plan Regulations 14, 15 & 16 Consultation

Following completion of Regulation 14 consultation of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan in summer 2017, Newhaven Town Council has submitted the Regulation 15 version of the Newhaven Neighbourhood Plan to Lewes District Council.
Lewes District Council has published the proposed Newhaven Neighbourhood Plan for public consultation (under Regulation 16). The Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared by a volunteer working group, on behalf of Newhaven Town Council, in consultation with residents, businesses, stakeholders and local organisations.
The Plan covers the parish area of Newhaven and includes a vision and a set of objectives on how Newhaven will grow and change over the coming years, as well as a series of policies to support Newhaven as a thriving and sustainable community up until 2030.
Following this public consultation process, the Plan will be examined by an independent examiner (Regulation 17) who has been jointly chosen by the Town Council and Lewes District Council.

The Neighbourhood Plan examination results will be published (Regulation 18) and once any further amendments have been made as a result of the examination, the plan will be subject to a local Referendum where the local community will be asked if they support the Plan.

If the majority of people voting say they support the Plan, Lewes District Council will advertise their decision on adopting the Plan (Regulation 19) and if accepted, the plan can be “made” and will be publicised (Regulation 20).

Regulation 14 – Pre- submission Consultation

Consultation on the draft Newhaven Neighbourhood Plan took place from 3rd May 2017 – 21st July 2017. This consultation is now closed and completed. Responses to this consultation can be viewed in the Newhaven Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement submitted under the Regulation 15.

Newhaven Draft Neighbourhood Plan (Pre-submission Consultation and Publicity)
Newhaven Draft Sustainability Appraisal including Strategic Environmental Assessment

Regulation 15 – Submitted Neighbourhood Plan Documents

Newhaven Neighbourhood Area Decision Notice
Newhaven Proposed Neighbourhood Plan 2017 – 2030
Newhaven Neighbourhood Plan Sustainability Appraisal
Newhaven Neighbourhood Plan Basic Conditions Statement
Newhaven Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement
Newhaven Neighbourhood Plan Sequential Flood Risk Test
Newhaven SEA Screening Assessment
Newhaven Habitat Regulations Screening Report

Regulation 16 – Consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan

For information on this consultation please refer to Lewes District Council’s website and/or South Downs National Park Authority’s website