Newhaven Town Council constantly seeks to pursue projects that will benefit Newhaven and its residents.

A current project is the Newhaven Heat Network Partnership.

Does your business use a lot of heat and hot water? Are you concerned about future energy prices? Do you want to be a greener business?

At the Newhaven Heat Network Partnership, we are investigating whether we can use waste heat from Veolia’s Energy Recovery Facility to provide to the businesses of Newhaven.

This would be done by the creation of a heat network in the town. Newhaven Town Council have set up this partnership and if you are interested in this opportunity, we would love for you to join us!

What are the benefits of connecting to a heat network?

  • Reduced labour and maintenance costs compared with individual boiler systems
  • Mitigates against rising energy costs
  • Opportunity to reduce organisational carbon footprint

How to get in touch

We will be contacting you this month by email and phone to discuss this opportunity. However if you would like to be more involved and contribute to this project or if you simply want to know more, please contact Lyndsey at or Susie at 01273 516100.

What is a heat network?

A heat network (sometimes known as community heating or district heating) comprises a network of insulated underground pipes which circulate hot water from a central source to heat users in the area. This provides heat for radiators and any hot water use in the buildings. Heat networks can vary in size from supplying an entire town to a small cluster of buildings. Heat networks supply over 50% of buildings in Denmark, Sweden and Finland and help reduce carbon emissions by using waste heat from power stations rather than venting it to the air.

How would it work?

A building user would sign a contract with the heat supplier, which may be partly or fully owned by the local authority, much like a contract with a gas or electricity supplier. The supplier would be responsible for delivering heat to the building, and the user would be responsible for installing and maintaining the Heat Interface Unit (HIU) and other internal equipment (e.g. radiators). Users would not be able to switch suppliers like with gas, but lower maintenance costs and longer-term price stability should offset the potential savings from switching.


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