Innovate UK: £50,000 Business Grant Funding

Businesses can receive up to £50,000 as an upfront grant payment to cover the full costs of a project lasting up to 6 months (with strong potential could attract follow-on funding).
The competition closed Friday 17 April 2020. Businesses of any size could apply and can be awarded grants of £25k – £50k with projects that must last up to 6 months and start by June 2020. This funding opportunity will give businesses the chance to attract 100% of their project costs.
Ideas should aim to help key industries and services disrupted by the pandemic and its aftermath. For example, this could include:
• new platforms and software for music artists to stream live performances, connect remotely to their fan-base and allow global audiences to enjoy their live experience
• new ways for families to connect with and remotely monitor their elderly or vulnerable relatives and ensure they are receiving what they need, including food deliveries, doctor appointments and help to pay bills
• technology to help retailers to better respond better to spikes in customer demand, including to ensure they can deliver country-wide
• new education tools that allow teachers to remotely set tasks that keep the whole class together, support vulnerable children and ensure no-one is left behind
And from the scope: Innovate UK are interested in solutions, which tackle the new or emerging societal or industry needs in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, including but not exclusively:
• community support services
• couriers and delivery (rural and/or city based)
• education and culture
• entertainment (live entertainment, music, etc.)
• financial services
• food manufacture and processing
• healthcare
• hospitality
• personal protection equipment
• remote working
• retail
• social care
• sport and recreation
• transport
• wellbeing

Additionally, the Research and Enterprise Team at the University of Brighton are available to support businesses and organisations considering applying for these grants. The university has a substantial track record in securing Innovate UK funding and are able to support applications ranging from helping to navigate the application process to providing expert innovation support. If you are aware of any business who may be interested in pursuing this opportunity please contact