Bullying can take lots of forms, from being beaten to being talked about or ostracised or belittled. 


Whatever form it takes it can make you feel worthless, alone, tearful and unsupported – not just whilst the bullying is going on, but all the time.

If you feel this way then the bully has done their job.

Bullies want to make you feel lesser than them, to make you feel you’re not as good as others – that you don’t matter, you are worthless and that no-one cares.

This isn’t true – none of it is true.  You are worthy, you do matter and people do care.

Bullies are not happy people – they are very insecure.  They are making themselves feel better by taking out their frustrations and insecurities on you and putting you down.  It’s actually sad that the only way they can find to make themselves feel good is by making you feel bad.

So, how does knowing this help?  Here are some things you can do to help yourself:

  1. Believe in yourself. Remember that you don’t deserve to be bullied.  This isn’t your fault – it is the bullies’ fault.  When you are alone concentrate on yourself.  Remind yourself every day that the bullies are having problems of their own.  You are a valid and worthy person.
  2. Talk to someone – a friend, brother or sister or partner. Call them or text them right now.  Tell them what’s going on.
  3. Take action against the bullying – walk away from the crowd who are ostracising you; report the bullying to someone in authority

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