Social Media

Social Media can be a blessing and a curse.


What determines which it is for you is largely about how you use it.

The blessing is how easy it is to find people and keep in touch with them.

There’s no doubt that it is easier and quicker to contact and liaise with someone on-line than having to write a letter or call someone.

Keeping in touch via text does lose a massive amount in the interaction with others. Misunderstandings are way easier when communicating in this form. But that said, it is quicker than traditional forms of getting in touch.

The downside is that we are all too accessible. Our every move is available for potentially all to see.  And we are constantly exposed to images of other people showing us what they want us to see.

I think the key to a happy Social Media life is how you view it. How you feel about it. How much significance you give it.

Is it a massive part of your life? Does it take precedence over physically spending time with people?

If so then it may be losing a lot of the magic that it offers.

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