Exam Pressure

How come some people sail through exams and others suffer so badly?

Two types of people suffer badly around exam time:

  • Group A – this will be you if you haven’t done enough work or revision to feel confident that you will get the grades that you want. You will be totally stressed out around exam time because you know that your fate is in your own hands.  There is no-one to blame but yourself
  • Group B – this will be you if you have worked really hard you know your stuff and could recite it all in your sleep. But you are just soooo nervous, you’re worried you won’t be able to remember a thing!

Are you in one of these groups?  If so, you’re not alone.

But all is not lost!

If you’re in Group A the answer is easy – do the work!

But that’s not necessarily the problem is it?

It’s very often more about getting organised and being able to stick to your schedule – it’s not about the work itself.  For some suggestions from a lifestyle coach on how to make sure you can get the work done click here:Are you in group A?

  • If you’re in Group B – how can you get rid of those exam nerves?
    Click here for some things to try:Are you in Group B?
  • We know it’s easy to say, but the last thing for both groups A and B is not to worry.Come the day of the exam, if you’ve done all of the work and tried your best, that’s all you can do.No use fretting over “what if’s”You know that you can do well, so go ahead and do it!In life we get what we expect.  If you truly expect the best possible mark, then your subconscious will ensure you work towards getting that.We wish you all the best and can’t wait to hear your cries of glee when you open your results!  May we be the first to say “Congratulations”!

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