There are two sides to every relationship and often what goes wrong is lack of good communication.

Relationships can be tricky – this means all relationships, from your relationship with your parents, to those with your brothers and sisters, your friends, your teachers or your employer – never mind your romantic relationships!

There are two sides to every relationship and often what goes wrong is lack of good communication.

You’re thinking one thing, but you’re not saying it out loud.  You’re thinking it must be obvious what you’re thinking.  But maybe it isn’t – maybe the other person doesn’t realise?  Or maybe they’re thinking something else which they’re not saying out loud.  Both of you might come to wildly different conclusions about the other person, based on assumptions that just aren’t true, even though they seem obvious to you both.

A good tool to use in relationships is the “Obviously Rule”.  To read what life coach Jessica says about this rule, please click here:  Relationships – The Obviously rule

When romantic relationships don’t work out it can feel like your world is falling apart around you.

People say “There are plenty more fish in the sea” or “It was just an infatuation”, or “They weren’t good enough for you anyway”.

None of this helps.  In reality there is nothing anyone can say that will make you feel better at that point.  It takes time to work through your feelings and the initial ones are going to be strongly felt.

So be gentle with others who are offering platitudes.  They care enough to say these things in an attempt to make you feel better.  Feel the love and good intentions coming from them.  This is a lovely and meaningful thing for them to do, even though you still want to cry.

A big factor to remember when suffering heartache is that it’s not all about the person that you have lost.  There are other factors, and you can do something about those.

Click here to read about these factors and what you can do about them – and to pick up some tips about how to make relationships work: Relationships – Romantic Relationships

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